Online Guitar Lessons

The internet has provided new opportunities for music teachers and music students, from all over the world, to connect. When a guitar teacher in the US can teach a beginning guitar student, authentic blues in Japan. When a student in South Africa can take classical guitar lessons from a teacher located in Berlin. When a New Yorker can teach voice lessons online to a singer in Australia, a whole new world of teaching is possible. It’s this amazing paradigm that has promoted the development of this page. We may be separated by language and time zones but music is still the universal language that brings us all together.
Reach out and learn a guitar today ! Book your online music lesson through Skype for 20$ half hour.

With the guitar lessons you will receive mp3 backing track, music score, pdf with scales, chords…every week ! You will improve with fun and faster.

To book or any question send me an email at

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claraJust some of the reasons given for why this is so :

• Travel time and expenses.
• Running late, due to unforeseen traffic conditions.
• Trying to look after (and occupy) other siblings while the student is having his or her guitar lesson.
• Not wanting a cold, flu, or other sickness to get worse by going outside, and traveling to lessons.
• Not being able to get other household activities done while their child is having a lesson.
• Trouble finding parking.
• Parking meter expenses.
• Carrying cash (especially at night) for lessons.

Here is how it works : Antoine

• All you need is a laptop with a broadband internet connection and a webcam
• You can see yourself and your tutor on one screen
• You can hear yourself and your tutor
• Your tutor simply sends your lesson notes, tab and music through during your lesson
• You can then view these notes on your monitor whilst still viewing yourself and your tutor
• Skype is free software to download and use
• Our online lessons run exactly the same as a one to one lesson in our studio. You arrange an appointment and we meet up online at that time.
• The system is easy to use, even for people not so computer savvy.

Here are some of the benefits emma

• Study from home
• Save time and money on your journey to our studio
• The lessons are the same price as our studio lessons
• Receive the same expert tuition as you would in the studio

“Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) 

•“How does this work?”
Using Skype teleconference software, teacher and student can see and talk to each other in real-time. Learn songs, styles, theory, technique, scales, licks… anything you want ! A set-up call, testing and tech support is included.

•“What is in the complimentary lesson starter pak”
The lesson starter pak includes material I give to all my students and prospective students. Scales patterns, chord diagrams, exercises, theory charts and more that allow us to hit the ground running from the first lesson forward.

•“What does it cost for me to have these private lessons ?”
The price is 80$ for four 30 minute guitar lessons per month, which is about the same price, or less, than taking lessons from a teacher in a local store.

•“How do I pay for the lessons?” Lessons are paid for through PayPal. Once we confirm a lesson time you will receive an invoice by e-mail.

•“I want to get a song transcribed, how much does it cost?”
Like a teacher from a local music store, you are paying for my time by the hour (or 1/2 hour). Each song is a case-by-case basis. Include your song request with your lesson request.

•“I am too busy to schedule a live private lesson. Can I still receive private customized lessons?” Yes. I can create a video lesson for you at your request and email you the link to your video archive.

•“I don’t have a fast Internet connection, just a dial up modem. Can I still have a live lesson?” No. One-to-One lessons require a DSL or cable modem speed connection. You can still take lessons via video archive as described previously.

•“I would like to get a web cam, do you recommend any brands/models, and are they expensive?”
Web cams are relatively inexpensive ($50 – $90) and are very easy to use. Web cams with a built-in microphone and USB connection are a good choice.

•“Why should I take lessons on the internet instead of finding a local teacher?”
1) Convenience – I will setup a lesson time that works for you in the convenience of your own home. 2) Experience – I have 20 years experience teaching guitar, am a internationally recognized author of guitar instruction and have taught private and group guitar lessons online since years. 3) Support – I answer questions between lessons. Try me out. I think you will find guitar lessons with me a supportive environment. I want to help you achieve your goals on the guitar!

•“Why should I pay for a lesson when I can get tabs for free off the internet?” Many free tabs you find on the internet are incorrect. Getting your questions answered for free can be confusing and time-consuming. I will not only teach you the right notes but also the techniques and nuances of the performance. We can discuss this more in person…

2 réflexions au sujet de « Online Guitar Lessons »

  1. My son has been wanting to learn guitar, but we haven’t had any luck finding a teacher for him. I like your point about how online lessons can allow you to learn from home and not have to travel. This sounds like the best way to find a teacher at this point, so we’ll look into this more.

    • Hi Derek, your son could try my method “Guitar Kine” available in Apple iBook store. I’ve been teaching this for years, and everybody is getting better with fun. I’d like to have a feedback from your son. Best !

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